Shantou "Longhu Innovation Day" launches "New Economic Map", with a batch of new economic projects signed and settled in a centralized manner


Against the backdrop of Shantou's important development pole in building a modern coastal economic belt and promoting the restart of the special zone, Longhu District, the birthplace of Shantou Special Economic Zone, has set November 30th as "Longhu Innovation Day". On the same day, a series of activities such as the centralized signing ceremony of new economic projects will be held, and a new economic map of the region will be released, and a new economic service alliance will be established.
Shantou City leaders Li Gengjian, Du Huaidan, Xie Yongzhong, and Longhu District leaders Lin Dingliang and Wang Xiaohui attended the opening ceremony
In recent years, the Longhu District Committee and Government have continued to play the role of "experimental fields" and "windows" in the special zone, creating a leading area for reform and opening up and a cluster area for innovative development. They have also created a number of innovation incubation platforms, cultivated a number of new research and development institutions, introduced a number of leading enterprises in the service innovation industry, and promoted the integration of new technologies and traditional industries. At the same time, the district actively explores the new economy, gathers new elements, cultivates new driving forces, new formats, and new industries, and fully explores various development areas of the new economy to promote high-quality economic development. By pioneering the development of "new economy and new industries", efforts will be made to open a breakthrough for the construction of special zones throughout the city.

In the middle of this year, Longhu District released the "Development of New Economy Work Plan" and established a leadership group, becoming the first administrative region in Guangdong Province to pilot the introduction of the "New Economy Work Plan". In order to continue to create an atmosphere of regional innovation and development, the district set November 30 as the "Longhu Innovation Day", and held signing ceremony, industrial roadshows, cross-border exchanges, industrial Internet experience and other activities.

On the day of the event, the "New Economic Map" of Longhu District, Shantou City was unveiled for the first time. On this map, the new economic demonstration areas delineated by Longhu District are marked, and the soil for new economic development is defined according to spatial attributes such as new economic industrial zones and commercial complexes.
 Longhu District has released a regional new economic map
 In addition, there are 21 enterprises and units equipped with new economic attributes on the map, including all industrial accelerators, entrepreneurial spaces, industrial design, scientific research services, etc. in Longhu District. These units have established the New Economic Service Alliance under the guidance of the government. It is reported that the establishment of this alliance will integrate the resources of innovation and entrepreneurship support platforms in the area, better cultivate new drivers, new formats, new industries, and develop new economies. And this move is also considered by some alliance units as a groundbreaking innovation for the government's development of the new economy.

The projects launched or signed on the same day included the fifth urban industrial accelerator Run Acceleration Project of China Resources, a state-owned enterprise, which has been established nationwide, as well as cooperative projects such as the Longhu Industrial APP cultivation and construction, the Zhubajie Network Shantou Project, and the China Resources Innovation Equity Investment Fund Project. The government of Longhu District has also jointly established a "government enterprise school" tripartite base with Guangdong Israel Institute of Technology and China Resources Land Shantou Company. Unlike previous innovation and entrepreneurship support platforms, the newly established Runjiaotou Industrial Accelerator in Shantou mainly relies on the resources and hardware advantages of China Resources Industrial Chain and China Resources Land to participate in building a local industrial innovation ecosystem. The Longhu District Industrial APP Cultivation and Construction Project aims to help traditional manufacturing enterprises establish new product system models and enhance the effectiveness of their products and services.
On the same day, a centralized signing ceremony for new economic projects was also held
Lin Dingliang, Secretary of the Longhu District Committee, stated that the new economic projects settled in Longhu, as well as the newly established New Economic Service Alliance, will contribute to the development of the new economy's infrastructure, atmosphere, and environment, serving the creation of new economic application scenarios, demonstration and cultivation of new economic projects, and other work.
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