The second "1130 Longhu Innovation Day" was held, and world-class pharmaceutical technology and teams settled in Longhu


On November 30th, the second "1130 Longhu Innovation Day" event and the New Economy Annual Award Ceremony were held in Longhu District, Shantou City. A number of new economy and health industry projects were officially signed and landed in Longhu District, and a number of new kinetic energy cultivation platforms, new formats, new models, and new industry enterprises were commended. On the same day, the first county-level party and mass comprehensive service center in Guangdong Province named "New Economy" was officially established. Li Yu, member of the Standing Committee of the Shantou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Shantou Municipal Government, and Lin Dingliang, Secretary of the Longhu District Party Committee, attended the event.
As a special economic zone in Shantou, Longhu District has always had the genes to dare to innovate. Focusing on the strategy of innovation driven development, Longhu District has issued the "Work Plan for Promoting New Economic Development". The district government invests no less than 20 million yuan in innovation driven special funds annually, and the R&D investment in the entire district has increased by more than 25% for consecutive years. To create a better atmosphere for innovation, the Longhu District Committee and Government will establish November 30th as "Longhu Innovation Day" every year, and hold a series of innovation themed activities on that day.

Currently, Longhu is accelerating the construction of advanced manufacturing industry clusters, with a focus on strengthening scientific guidance for four billion dollar clusters: modern power transmission and distribution, pharmaceutical and health, mechanical equipment, and electronic information. Efforts are being made to strengthen leading enterprises, supplement chains, and gather clusters. One of the clusters with an annual output value exceeding 10 billion yuan, Longhu Health Industry Cluster, has registered over 600 corporate legal entities and industrial units.
The 5 key projects signed on that day all belong to the field of big health industry. Among them, the CAR-NK cell therapy clinical trial cooperation project for liver cancer includes a team of five Chinese American scientists and technology, and another cancer early screening diagnostic technology cooperation project includes cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology from a Canadian listed company. That is to say, by introducing world-class teams and technologies, Longfor will export first-class innovative achievements to the world. In addition, contracts were signed at the event site for the Weber Ganoderma lucidum silk ball traditional Chinese medicine biological enzymatic hydrolysis project in cooperation with universities in the Greater Bay Area, the Longhu Health and Wellness Industry Cluster project in cooperation with Quanjinglian and Lulingjia, and the Longhu District Civil Affairs Bureau and Intel Chef Master Canteen System cooperation project.
Signing site
This year's "Longhu Innovation Day" also held the New Economy Annual Awards. This award includes 5 awards, including Innovation Industry Award, Innovation Format Award, Innovation Model Award, Innovation Energy Award, and Innovation Cultivation Award. After registration, compliance screening, expert evaluation, and online voting, a total of 18 award-winning projects were selected.
The Innovation Cultivation Award was won by a group of young children
On the day of Longhu Innovation Day, the New Economy Party Mass Comprehensive Service Center in Longhu District, Shantou City was officially unveiled and established. The center was renovated from the first factory building in Longhu Industrial Zone. Behind the renovation of this factory building, Longhu Industrial Zone is transforming into a new economic industrial park.
Unveiling ceremony
Within the newly unveiled Party and Mass Center for the New Economy in Longhu District, the newly unveiled Longhu District New Economy Research Center was also established on the same day. The Longhu District New Economy Research Center is the 2.0 version of the Longhu District New Economy Service Alliance, established during the first "1130 Longhu Innovation Day" event last year. This new intellectual platform will help promote the high-quality development of Longhu District. The "Longhu District New Economy Development Report (2019)" produced by the research team of Shantou University and released by the Longhu District New Economy Research Center was also showcased to the public at the event on that day.
Attendees visited the New Economy Party and Mass Service Center in Longhu District
2019-11-30 18:21 Source: Southern+