[Focus] Longhu District Party Secretary's "Innovation Day": Achieving catch-up in promoting innovation


Longhu has a solid industrial foundation and geographical advantages. Based in Longhu, facing eastern Guangdong, and with huge prospects, it is definitely right for you to choose to come here. We will have a meeting to study the issue you just raised in the afternoon. At noon on March 15th, the clock was pointing at 12:15. Facing the executives of Chongqing Zhubajie Network Co., Ltd. who came from afar, the district party secretary Lin Dingliang warmly shouted for Longhu's "double innovation" platform.
Browse Lin Dingliang's official itinerary of the day, meet with the senior management of the Internet company, accompany professors of Guangdong University of Technology to conduct research, and hold a working conference to promote innovation drive. The day's itinerary is fully arranged, with the theme directly pointing to "innovation". The whole day is also the "innovation day" of the deputy secretary of the District Party Committee. It is precisely under the driving force of "determined innovation without relaxation" that in recent years, especially since last year, the development of "double innovation" in Longhu District has been thriving and fruitful.
Innovation needs to enter the mind and heart
Recalling the shock he felt at the main venue of the National Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Week in Shenzhen in October 2016, Lin Dingliang couldn't calm down for a long time. "As the birthplace of Shantou Special Economic Zone, Longhu used to be on par with Shenzhen and Xiamen, but now it is far behind. Longhu has both geographical advantages and spatial bottlenecks, and is steadfastly implementing an innovation driven strategy, which is very in line with Longhu's actual situation.". To narrow the gap and even catch up with advanced regions, innovation is necessary Clear thinking, sit back and act. Looking back at various activities and conferences in Longhu District in 2017, "innovation" was the most frequently emphasized keyword by Lin Dingliang. "I want to tirelessly talk about it day by day and month by month, talking about how everyone is immersed in their minds and rolling up their sleeves to innovate."

With the concerted efforts of the whole district, in 2017, Longhu District took innovation as the engine to enhance creativity and competitiveness, and the added value of high-tech and advanced manufacturing industries ranked among the top in the city in terms of the proportion of above scale industries. The output value of the two major industrial clusters, mechanical equipment and medicine and health, exceeds 10 billion yuan. 61 high-tech enterprises have been recognized, with 50 newly added. The total number of high-tech enterprises in the region has reached 124, and 94 have applied for the provincial high-tech enterprise cultivation database. One provincial-level research and development institution, seven provincial-level engineering centers, and 17 municipal engineering centers have been newly recognized, achieving full coverage of research and development institutions in industrial enterprises with main business income of over 500 million yuan, and 20% of research and development institutions established in industrial enterprises above designated size. Promote a new round of technological transformation, support 14 industrial technological transformation projects, with a total investment of over 432 million yuan.
Innovation requires constant and unremitting efforts
Longhu Science and Technology Innovation Center is located in Wanji Industrial Zone, Longhu District, near the entrance and exit of Mount Taishan Mountain of Shantou Jieyang Expressway, with a building area of more than 32000 square meters. After a series of intensive preparations, with the support of "double innovation" giants such as Garage Coffee and LKKER Luoke, on October 10, 2017, the Longhu Science and Technology Innovation Center became a hot topic of attention as soon as it started operating, sparking a "double innovation" whirlwind.

"Every time I pass by the Science and Technology Innovation Center, I have to go in and take a look. If I don't find much popularity, I immediately call the operations manager," Lin Dingliang admitted, "To become a hub, source, and support for innovation, Longhu needs to create basic conditions for the development of technological innovation and the cultivation of new business models, gather innovative elements, integrate high-quality resources from multiple sources, and strive to build the 'Silicon Valley' and 'Zhongguancun' in the Chaoshan region."

Focusing on cultivating "double innovation" platforms has become a specific move for Longhu District to deepen innovation driven development. On weekends, we conducted special research on the construction and operation of various "double innovation" platforms, listened to progress reports at every opportunity during our official itinerary, and held meetings to coordinate and solve specific problems whenever needed, which became the norm for Lin Dingliang's work.

Since last year, Longhu District has supported the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship carriers, promoting a number of science and technology innovation carriers such as Longhu Science and Technology Innovation Center, Chaochuang Zhigu, and Baiya Industrial Design City to take root. Joining hands with Guangdong Tianshi Holdings Group and Chaoren Innovation Economy Promotion Association, we will accelerate the construction of an innovation driven industry center and a double innovation industry base, and cooperate with Beijing 3W Group to build Chaoshan Double Innovation Street. Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Southern 289 Art Communication Co., Ltd. to accelerate the revitalization and upgrading of old factories in the 1.6 square kilometer Longhu Industrial Zone, and promote the development of the cultural and creative industry.
Innovation requires "dry goods" support
"We must adhere to the innovation driven approach as an important focus to solve development bottlenecks and enhance the momentum of revitalization and development, continuously cultivate and strengthen new development drivers. When formulating policies and providing support, we must avoid too much cumbersome writing and ensure sufficient attractiveness, so as to attract truly influential and powerful institutions and talents." At the afternoon meeting on promoting innovation driven work, Lin Dingliang repeatedly emphasized to the relevant departments in the district.

Promoting innovation to take root, blossom and bear fruit is essential for policy implementation. In 2017, Longhu District implemented a series of policy measures for innovation driven development and arranged a special support fund of 30 million yuan for innovation driven development. Vigorously promote the optimization and upgrading of talent elements, establish the "Longhu District Science and Technology Innovation Service Center" and "Longhu District High end Talent Club", and further strengthen the strength of science and technology innovation work in the entire region.

At the same time, Longhu District leverages university resources to promote a number of industry university research cooperation, signs a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Xiamen University, accelerates the joint construction of the "Longhu District Xiamen University School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Industrial Technology Innovation Center", builds postdoctoral workstations and key laboratories, and cultivates three Guangdong Province academician expert (enterprise) workstations. We have signed comprehensive scientific and technological cooperation agreements with Shantou University and the School of Electric Power at South China University of Technology, hiring experts and scholars as economic and technological advisors to provide technical support for the industry. Promote joint construction of research and development institutions between enterprises and universities such as Shantou University and Guangdong Israel Institute of Technology.
Information source: Shantou Olive Channel Longhu Channel