Enterprise culture

1. enterprise mission:

Take the interests of shareholders as the fundamental, bear the responsibility of social nutrition and health, maximize the value of the enterprise, and create a lasting win-win situation for the organization and employees.

2. enterprise purpose:

To create a win-win social value with customers.

3. business philosophy:

Brand based on quality, quality comes from my heart.

4. business objectives:

Industry model.

5. corporate vision:

Nutrition, green, healthy.

6. the spirit of enterprise:

Realistic, refined, innovative, far-reaching, cooperative and enterprising, efficient implementation.

7. corporate values:

Inheritance cause, present value, force long-term, grateful society.

8. enterprise talent view:

Quality, attitude and skills = the right person, put the right person in the right position.

9. enterprise standardization:

Interpersonal simplicity, direct communication, efficient execution, team elite,

Specialization of skills requires refinement, hale and hearty style, and standardization of services.